Pre-Kinder/Kindergarten combination class:​ This is our State approved Pre-kinder/Kindergarten program. This class encourages the child to utilize their absorptive capacities in order to take in the greatest multitude of information available. The prepared environment makes it possible for a child to expand and transfer their thinking abilities to a wider degree of educational foundations and basics such as Mathematics, Language, Geography, Life Science, Botany, and Sensorial and Practical Life. A child's creative talents are developed through this knowledge as well as creative outlets such as music and arts.

​In addition, we have seasonally themed parties through out the year for the children. Each year we hold a graduation and Winter Holiday program.  These events are held in an auditorium on a full stage. To bring our families together, we typically conclude the evening with a potluck dinner and social time.

Patty's Montessori School, Inc.

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Patty's Montessori School was founded in 2000. We prepare children for their academic life by providing them with a carefully planned, stimulating environment.  An environment that will help them develop foundational habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.  Our methods are based on the principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, a renowned theorist and researcher in childhood learning.  Dr. Montessori was the first to see the environment as a key ingredient in a child's learning.  She believed that the chief role of a teacher is to plan and "prepare" the environment for the child's interaction with it, creating a place where the child teaches himself or herself, with the teacher as the facilitator.


During the summer months of July and August, we focus on a specific enrichment subject or topic every week. One involving the Montessori philosophy, method and classroom materials.

Some examples are:
Cooking- We create different foods we can enjoy.
Dinosaurs- Natural history, stories, games and more.
Animal Sciences- We study different living animals; insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians including metamorphosis.
Art- We test our creativity to the fullest and learn a few things regarding art history.
Music- Appreciation and history, we learn many new songs.
Botany- We study different plants, trees and flowers learning to identify, and name their parts.
Geography- We learn the seven continents of the world and study a country within each continent, including its people, cultural beliefs, music, art and history.

During the summer months we also take the children on some small excursions.

Patty's Offers the following classes:
Prep Class: Ages 2 and 3 year olds. This class promotes a foundation in the following areas: Mathematics, Language, geometry, life science, sensorial, color recognition, focusing and listening skills, logical thinking, practical life skills. We start out with a highly simplified environment, displaying materials appropriate to the younger child. Gradually new and more advanced materials are presented. We accept children in diapers and work with them throughout the day introducing them to the potty. When a child sees their friends are trying, this process comes quickly.

Small class sizes and an excellent child to teacher ratio ensures each child receives the academic support and nurturing they need from their teachers daily.​

Our students graduate from kindergarten and go on to be at the top of their 1st grade class and lifelong success.

​Enrollment is open to any child regardless of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry.

Regular additional activities such as Yoga, physical fitness, sign language and STEM curriculum are included as part of our learning experience.