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        Hours of Operation:  Mon.- Fri. / 7:00 am - 6:00 pm  (Year Round)            

Patty's Montessori School

A Montessori Preschool Vs. "Childcare"

The primary advantage of a Montessori education is the freedom to give children agency over their learning. With Montessori, you can expect a focus on creativity, flexibility, and freedom. Traditional daycare environments focus soley on childcare rather than learning. Montessori preschools encourage students to begin learning from day one.

"A place where children come first!"

Patty's is nestled on a 5-acre hilltop, seconds from Hwy I-80 just east of the Hilltop exit; on-site at Temple Beth Hillel.

We offer both Part-time and Full-time programs. Patty's tries to accommodate everyone with a schedule that fits their needs. Accepting Children from 2-6 years including children wearing diapers.

At Patty’s Montessori School, we offer days packed full of activities. All of our activities help the social and academic development of children. Kids learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our lessons to each child's unique learning style. Whether your child is a visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learner, our activities will engage and inspire!

At Patty's we recognize that you have a difficult schedule and we support parents the best we can.  We recognize the importance of work, and the stress and demands placed on parents.  We strive to make it easier on parents by giving them the knowledge that their children are in good hands including texting you pictures of your children while they are engaged in different activities.

Patty's Montessori School, Inc.

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Patty's Montessori School "Preschool" vs. "Childcare"

" A place where children come first!"